Aska Science College, Aska




The Library has a stock of 42,500 number of books. Automation of Library activities is under process using e-Granthalaya , a versatile user-friendly software of NIC (National Informatics Centre) , Govt. of India. All the data relating to stock of books have already been entered in the said software for automation. The Library is on the way to fully automation. Local Area Network (LAN) has been implemented for better Library service.

Rules & Discipline

  • The name of the Library is Aska Science College Library.
  • The Library shall ordinarily remain open from 10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on all working days and remain closed on all Sundays and declared holidays.
  • Every book added to the Library, whether by purchase or otherwise shall be entered by the Librarian or the person-in-charge of Library in a catalogue under its proper head.
  • Only the staff, students and other persons with special permission of the Principal can use the Library.
  • Persons having unsound mind and insanity, even if otherwise qualified to enter the Library, will not be allowed to enter into its premises.
  • The Library premises shall only be used for reading books or periodicals. Strict silence shall be maintained in premises of the Library. Without prior permission of the authority the members of the staff cannot bring their friends inside the Library. Only members of teaching staff shall have access to the shelves of the Library.
  • Spitting, smoking and sleeping inside the Library are strictly prohibited.
  • Any willful breach of silence or rules should at once be reported to the professor in-charge of Library by the Librarian or Library staff.
  • Books can only be borrowed on working days.
  • Before books are issued the borrower must examine the condition of the books. For damages discovered later the borrower shall be held responsible. (Any person damaging or losing a book shall have to its triple cost of the book as mentioned in accession or replace it with similar volume. If the particular book belongs to any set or series and if it is not available single, the borrower will be required to pay the triple cost of the full set). In case of rare books the Principal may charge any amount at his discretion.
  • No books can be moved from one place to another without the permission of the Librarian or the person in-charge of Library.
  • No marginal or other forms of defacement shall be made in the library books.
  • A borrower against whom any charge is outstanding shall not be allowed to borrow book from the Library.
  • All books belonging to the Library and in possession of borrower should be returned to the library before the college closes for summer vacation or on or before the date notified for the purpose.
  • If the periodical issued is lost, the borrower has to replace the copy.
  • The Principal has the right to stop issue of certain books to anyone although ordinarily there will be no restriction on the use of books of the Library.
  • The student borrowers can keep the books of the Library with them only for 15 days. Books kept over time will meet a fine of Re.0.10 (Ten paisa) per day per book.
  • Rare books, books of reference, courses of studies, question papers etc. should not be issued to anybody without the permission of the Principal.
  • The maximum number of books to different register categories of borrower are as follows :
    • Members of the Teaching staff 25 Nos.
    • Laboratory Asst. and other class III staff 8 Nos.
    • Students of +2 classes 1 No.
    • Students of Degree classes (Pass) 2 Nos.
    • Students of Degree classes (Hons.) 3 Nos.,/li>
  • The time allowed to the members of the Teaching staff to keep the books other than text books with them is one month.
  • Members of teaching staff who want to borrow text books belonging to other disciplines should obtain prior approval of the Principal.
  • A person who used the Library is expected to know the above rules. Ignorance of Library rules will not be accepted as an excuse for breach of any rule.
  • In case of damage or loss of book, the borrower member shall be required to replace the book or to pay the replacement cost at the rate of three times the present cost of the book.

Lending Library

  • The Lending Library shall be called "The Aska Science College Lending Library".
  • It shall form a part of the College Library and shall be in the custody of the Librarian who looks to its safe up-keeping.
  • All students of the college shall be eligible to borrow books from the Lending Library on payment of one fifth of the cost price of a book for a full session. For a part of a session the Principal may at his discretion fix any other lesser rate.
  • Books shall ordinarily be issued on merit cum poverty basis and shall be done on the basis of recommendation made by a panel consisting of :
    • Professor in-charge Library.
    • Two other members of the teaching staff nominated by the Principal for the purpose.
  • Normally not more than four books shall be lent to any borrower. This may be waived in case surplus books are available.
  • No marginal notings, defacement or any other marking is allowed to be made in any book. Responsibility for the safe and proper maintenance of books rests completely with the borrower during the time the book is with him. If a borrower fails to comply with this he/she may be asked to replace the book or pay the full cost in lieu there of.
  • Members of the staff may also be issued books from the Lending Library on payment of the prescribed charges. In all such cases prior permission of the Principal is necessary.
  • In all members pertaining to the Lending Library including the power to amend any or all the above rules, the Principal shall be the final authority.
  • The Lending Library of the Red Cross Group has been merged in the general Lending Library.

Book Bank

Under the auspices of the University grants commission, a Book Bank has been opened in the session 1975-76 as a sperate section of the Aska Science College Library. Books from book Bank will be issued to poor and needy students at 1/5 cost.

Scheme of Book Bank

  • Poor and needy students will be provided with the books from the Book Bank subject to the availability.
  • Poverty of the student will be taken into consideration for the selection of the student to receive books from the Book Bank.
  • Mark list of the previous examination may be taken into consideration in case of shortage of books.
  • Books must be returned by the students at the time of the filling up of the application forms for University / Council Examination.
  • Actual cost of the books will be realised in case of loss of books.
  • Other rules and regulations of General Library be supplemented with the above rules.

Some important features of library are as follows.

Circulation Section

  • The Library provides books to students as well as staff as per their requirement through individual issue records. Issue and return of books in all working days is a regular feature of the Library.
  • Book Bank /Lending Library/Junior Red cross Lending Library facilities are also available in Library. Needy, meritorious, poor students have been getting opportunities to avail books by depositing just 1/10 th the cost of books.

Acquisition Section

There are totally 42,500 (Forty Two Thousand Five Hundred) of books available in the Library (Out of which books of General Library is 36,100 numbers and Book Bank (Lending Library) is 6400 numbers.

Technical Processing Section

A total of 4300 numbers of books have been classified according DDC scheme 18th edition. Classification for other books is under process. The Library automation work is going on using E-Granthalaya software of NIC, the catalogues of all subjects shall be reflected in a computer meant for users.

Periodical Section

  • This section has Magazine Display-cum-Storage Wooden Racks to keep 100 (One Hundred) Journals/Magazines under proper heads. The latest issues are displayed and old issues are kept inside for reference.
  • Nearly 80 Journals/Magazines of different subjects/fields are on the subscription list of the Library. Several free Magazines are also received which enriches the periodical section.
  • 300 (Three Hundred) bound volumes of old Journals/Magazines are stacked in the section for reference of all, which actually helps a lot to researchers/teachers. Old stacks of important Journals/Magazines are preserved and maintained in Library for reference.
  • Library staff members help actively in searching for different topics in old/recent Journals/Magazines that are needed by researchers/teachers to write the Articles/Papers to present at Seminars/Symposiums/Conferences etc.

Students Reading Room

There are two separate reading rooms : One for Boys and other for Girl students.

  • In Stack Room-cum-Office, separate sections for Text Books and Reference Books are maintained.
    • In the Text Book section purely text books are available according to latest   syllabus/curriculum of study.
    • In the Reference Section reference books are provided for debate, essay, quiz, competitive exams, gaining science knowledge and quick reference purposes. Light reading books are  there to spend students’ leisure hour pleasantly.
  • Courses of Studies/Syllabuses/Question Papers/Question Banks etc. have been maintained   there.
  • Career related literature for different competitive exams like OJEE /AIPMT /AIEEE / MAT/ XAT/CAT/OPSC/UPSC/RRB/Banking Services available in the section have been helping a lot to needy students.
  • Journals/Magazines and News Papers have been provided there for general awareness, light reading and to know recent trends/development, facts and events.
  • Xerox Services have been provided to students at nominal charges .

Staff Refference Rooom

  • Reference section provides Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Glossaries, Yearbooks, World’s Great Books, Who’s Who Books, Scientific Knowledge Literature, General Knowledge, Religious Books, Globe, Maps and various other Reference Set Books to all its users at  the time of their need.
  • Desk query service is provided to staff members at the time of their requirement.
  • As the Internet Facility with Wi-Fi technology is available in the reference section all the staff members get opportunity to browse internet themselves for various kind of information. The Library staff also provides the specific information to fulfill the need of information seekers.
  • In case of requirement the specific information can be downloaded and printed through  Xerox machine-cum-Printer.
  • Xerox service has been provided to staff and students at nominal charges.
  • It provides Bibliographic Service to staff researchers/teachers.